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by Molten Voltage

G-Quencer™ takes the DigiTech Whammy, the most popular pitch-shifting pedal of all time, and multiplies its sonic potential. G-Quencer lets you hear notes that aren’t normally available on the Whammy, then sequence those notes into elegant harmonies and improbable riffs.


With this powerful new controller and patent-pending technology, you can do anything from ripping Van Halen licks while playing a single note, to creating embryonic mindholes. But don't mistake GQ for a noise machine, it’s a serious compositional tool, providing complementary counterpoint to melodic lines.


G-Quencer™ transforms the DigiTech Whammy pedal into a Pitch-Shifting Sequencer.









Whammy normally slides between 2 different pitch shift or harmony intervals, such as Octave Down and Octave Up harmony.

G-Quencer accesses every available pitch shift and harmony interval, even those not normally available on the Whammy, then lets you arrange those intervals into sequences of up to 16 steps. You cycle through sequences using one of G-Quencer's Modes of Operation.

WhammysG-Quencer works with all 4 modern DigiTech Whammy pedals: Whammy 4, Whammy 5,
Whammy DT, and the new Bass Whammy.

Note: the Whammy 4 switches between intervals more abruptly than the other 3 versions,
and has a more "techno" sound


One cable is all it takes to transform your stock Whammy. No mods, no hassle.


32 killer presets let you jump right in and start jamming!

But that's just the beginning .:. making your own presets is where the action really is, and GQ lets you store 96 more.

G-Quencer's big bright LED display and intuitive interface make creating and modifying sequences easy and fun!

Creating Presets in 2-Step™ Mode

G-Quencer's Owner's Manual explains everything.


Some other fun facts...

• Switching presets on-the-fly is simple.
• Making your own presets is super easy and fun to do, and you don't need a computer, just use GQ's big bright display.
• At every step of your sequence, choose from Whammy’s full range of pitch shift and harmony intervals, chromatically, through multiple octaves.
• You can preview your sequences in real-time!
• G-Quencer works all by itself, but can also be controlled with MIDI .:. MIDI Clock Sync, Program Changes, Control Changes, you can even rock GQ with a Keyboard!
You don't need to know anything about MIDI to use G-Quencer .:. just connect a single cable to the Whammy and Rock! On!

Enjoy 8 Modes of Operation

In 2-Step™, 1-Step, and Different Whammy Settings modes, you manually step through the sequence.

In Tap Tempo, One-Shot, and MIDI Clock modes, G-Quencer automatically cycles through the sequence.

In MIDI Control Change and Synth Keys modes, an external MIDI controller is used to control G-Quencer.



In 2-Step™ mode, you step through the sequence using the START Button, but instead of advancing once each time the button is pressed, G-Quencer moves one step when you press down, and another when you release. When the end of the sequence is reached, it starts over at the beginning.

This is G-Quencer's biggest innovation, and a much more natural and intuitive way to play along with a live band and shifting tempo. You control the speed of the sequence rather than it controlling you.

2-Step™ Mode In Action



If you want to modulate during a solo, use 1-Step to move through up to 16 different intervals.


Different Whammy SettingsGQ

G-Quencer lets you select your favorite Whammy settings in any order you want.

No more bending over on stage like a Knob Goblin!


Tap Tempo

Tap in a tempo and hear looping sequences of shifted pitches. While one loop is playing, you can cue up another for perfectly smooth transitions.

Play a riff against the looping layer of shifting pitches and harmonies to hear sounds you never thought possible!


Trigger a single pass through your sequence, or "stack" one-shots to repeat multiple times.

Great for "laser" effects. You can also add riffs to your songs by triggering slower One-Shot sequences at regular intervals.

One-Shot Mode In Action


MIDI Clock

MIDI Clock is a powerful tool to remotely control G-Quencer's timing and synchronize sequences with over 100 other guitar effects, as well as drum machines, synthesizer sequencers, DAW's, recording software, lighting rigs, and more.


MIDI Control Change

Use any device that sends MIDI Control Change [CC] messages to slide through your 1-Step or Different Whammy Settings sequences.

Create custom expression control curves by selecting non-linear sequence intervals


Synth Keys

G-Quencer even lets you control the Whammy with a MIDI keyboard ~ tickle the ivories to slicken your licks!

Synth Keys mode works whether or not a looping sequence is playing, allowing you to manually accent your riffs

The joys of sequencing are no longer a synth-geek secret. G-Quencer gives guitar players access to bleeding-edge sounds, and allows discovery of unexplored audio frontiers by providing meta-fretboard counterpoint to melodic lines.

G-Quencer also produces a wide variety of out-of-this-world sound effects including laser pitch sweeps, bombdrops, and musical sparkles to sweeten your mix. To that end, Molten Voltage produced a smiley tune that's sprinkled with GQ ear candy.

Stellar .:. Featuring G-Quencer, the Riff Dispenser

Here are a couple more tunes that feature G-Quencer:


Optional Side Controller


We offer an optional Side Controller that connects to the front end of G-Quencer with a 1/4" stereo cable (included). The Side Controller remotely operates GQ's 2 buttons. (The buttons still work normally with the Side Controller attached)


The idea is to leave G-Quencer on your pedalboard and have the side controller off your board in a more convenient position.


The Side Controller is passive (does not require any power).


Does G-Quencer work with my DigiTech Whammy?

G-Quencer works with the stock : Whammy 4, Whammy 5, Whammy DT, and the new Bass Whammy. (no mods required).

When you first turn it on it will ask you what Whammy type, then automatically load the 32 presets for that version. You can always switch the Whammy type later.

Note: the Whammy 4 switches between intervals more abruptly than the other 3 versions and has a more "techno" sound

Why are you stepping on GQ so much?

Because in 2-Step™ mode, you advance through the sequence with the button. It moves one step when you press down, then another when you release, which is a way more natural way to groove along with the music. That's the setting used in the live shots in the main video. We intentionally sped up the drums as so you could hear how easy it is to stay in time.

There are other modes where the sequence loops automatically, and other modes where you press once and release a "burst" of pitch shifts.

In addition to all the other features, can I control presets on the Whammy?

Yes, you can step through the Whammy presets you want in any order you want, as well as telling the Whammy to be engaged or bypassed. No more bending over on stage like a Knob Goblin!

Can G-Quencer be controlled with MIDI?

Yes, GQ can be controlled by any MIDI controller. GQ stores 128 presets that can be recalled with standard MIDI Program Changes. GQ can also sync to MIDI Clock. There's lots of built in MIDI functionality, but GQ can also be used independently.


Power Requirements

G-Quencer is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 300mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 250mA


G-Quencer Dimensions

7.8" (199mm) Wide x 4.8" (122mm) Deep x 2.3" (59mm) Tall

GQ Side Controller Dimensions

4.5" (115mm) Wide x 2.5" (64mm) Deep x 1.9" (49mm) Tall


Road-ready MIDI Machinery™, hand built in Oregon, USA by Molten Voltage.

Delaytion Owner's Manual G-Quencer Owner's Manual

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