MUTINY - the Amp Clamp

The Amp Clamp
by Molten Voltage


MUTINY™ is a Tube Amplifier Muting Footswitch designed for small tube amps.

MUTINY mutes the amplifier input so you can switch guitars or take a break without turning your amp off and cooling down the tubes, thereby saving wear and tear on your tubes, and keeping your tone hot for the whole gig!


If you have a small tube amp without a standby switch, MUTINY is your answer!

Key Features

• Provides Standby control for small tube amplifiers

• Bright LED is green when connected, red when muted.MUTINY rear view

Works with or without power

• LED powered by battery or wall adapter

• Compact design for modular PedalBoard layouts

• Solid, Professional-Grade construction, including Steel Audio Jacks

Place MUTINY last before your amplifier.  Plug your guitar into the AXE input, and the amp into the AMP input.


MUTINY is powered by a 9-volt battery or by a tip Positive (opposite of "BOSS") 9-volt DC, 2.1mm power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 20mA.

Dimensions: 4.5" (114mm) Wide x 2.5" (64mm) Deep x 1.9" (49mm) Tall

Bomb-proof design ensures flawless functioning.

Hand built in Oregon, USA by Molten Voltage.