OZ by PedalSync

by Molten Voltage


OZ™ footswitch transforms the Strymon TimeLine Delay into a full-featured, high-fidelity, state-of-the-art LOOPER

OZ unlocks the hidden LOOPER features of your Strymon TimeLine Delay pedal that can only be accessed via MIDI commands, including REVERSE, HALF-SPEED / DOUBLE-SPEED, UNDO, and REDO.  OZ also allows soft-switch, single-touch record/playback, External LOOP LEVEL control, and automatic DRY LOOPER recording. See features list, below


Key Features of OZ:OZ by PedalSync

• Transforms the Strymon TimeLine Delay into a full-featured, high-fidelity, state-of-the-art LOOPER
• Unlocks the hidden potential of the Strymon TimeLine delay by accessing its MIDI-only LOOPER features:
UNDO back to initial loop
REDO overdubs (after pressing UNDO)
REVERSE loop direction instantly
HALF-SPEED playback and recording with LED Speed indicator.
--- Tip: record at half-speed to create double-speed playback!

Single-press, soft-touch recording and playback
--- Press and Hold the REC/PLAY Button while recording and the loop automatically plays on release
--- This makes loop timing far easier and more accurate than pressing a second button

DRY Switch automates TimeLine's LOOPER without delay by setting the Mix to guitar only upon Record

LOOP LEVEL control - adjust in real-time, or set it and forget it (auto-adjust on Record)
MIDI IN merges and actively filters incoming MIDI data for optimal TimeLine synchronization and performance
One-cable MIDI OUT connection to the TimeLine - no mods required!
Staggered, stair-step switch design for easy-access to rear switches
Optional side Record Jack for remote soft-touch footswitch operation

Simple, intuitive user interface

Now available with Optional Loop Level Jack for use with an external Expression Controller! Note that the Loop Level Jack replaces the Loop Level Knob.



Check out OZ on Radiohead's Pedalboard!


OZ - rear view

OZ is powered by standard "BOSS" type 9-volt DC, 2.1mm, 200mA min., tip negative power supply (sold separately). Current draw ~ 120mA.

Dimensions: 8.1" (206mm) Wide x 4.8" (122mm) Deep x 2.3" (59mm) Tall

Bomb-proof design ensures flawless functioning.  Road-ready MIDI Machinery™.

Hand built in Oregon, USA by Molten Voltage.

OZ Owner's ManualOZ Owner's Manual

Strymon and TimeLine are trademarks of Damage Control Engineering which is unrelated to Molten Voltage.