Key Features:

Simple for musicians to use

State of the Art Technology
¤ Digital control over Analog signals

¤ MIDI Compatible


PedalSync KITS:

¤ MASTER CONTROL - featuring MIDI Clock

¤ NODE - 4-way Isolated Audio Loop Switcher - MIDI-controlled

¤ One Trick Pony - Discrete MIDI Data Device

¤ Delaytion - Analog Delay Controller - CLICK HERE

¤ many more to come!



The PedalSync MASTER CONTROL MV-58 sends MIDI Program Change, Clock, and Self-Programming commands to MIDI and PedalSync devices.


Designed with the End User in mind.

The Master Control interface has been designed to make switching and storing programs as simple as possible so the end-user can concentrate on creativity.

Programs are selected using the Up and Down buttons or by turning the Program Select knob. The selected program number is displayed on a large bright 3-segment LED display. The selected program is engaged by pressing the Start/Stop button.

Making all connected PedalSync devices save their current settings is even easier - simply hold down the Tap/Save button for 2.5 seconds and BOOM - done!

Tempo Control

The Master Control interface sends out MIDI Clock data so all sequencing, oscillating, and repeating PedalSync chips are locked in.

Tempos can be continually adjusted on-the-fly with the Tap Button, using the Up and Down buttons, using the potentiometer, or with a pulse input. An LED indicates the current tempo, allowing users to adjust the tempo when the clock output is stopped.

The Master Control chip stores the tempo associated with each of the 128 programs. Alternatively, a program can be made to use the existing tempo for when multiple programs are used in a single song.

MIDI Compatible

The PedalSync Master Controller sends out standard MIDI Start, Stop, and Clock messages as well as Song Select and Program Change messages on Channel 15.

As a result, the PedalSync Master Control can synchronize an entire rig of MIDI-enabled rack effects, pedals, modular synths, and amplifiers.


Master Control MV-58 KIT Assembly Instructions

Master Controller Datasheet

Master Control MV-58 Owner's Manual

Kits come with aluminum unfinished enclosures



Master Control Display


Master Control KIT




PedalSync NODE Kit

NODE is a MIDI-controlled audio switching module designed for use on musician pedalboards.

NODE features four (4) switchable isolated audio loops, 128-program storage, and the PedalSync MV-57 ReMute™ Relay Bypass system ensuring extremely quiet operation.


Building the NODE KIT is difficult and is NOT recommended for beginners.




NODE Kit - Assembly Instructions

Kits come with aluminum unfinished enclosures




Relay-Bypass Modules Installed


Internal Connections




PedalSync One Trick Pony KIT

One Trick Pony KIT delivers discrete MIDI Data upon each press of the button.

The module draws a nominal amount of current when not in use, so that a single coin cell will last for years.

Currently available chips include one which steps through Digitech™ Whammy™ 4 settings and another which sends tap tempo information to compatible Line 6™ devices.

Multiple modules can be daisy-chained for more complex applications

See the One Trick Pony product page for available programs

Custom programming available - email us at

See the One Trick Pony Module Datasheet for more information, including assembly instructions.



One Trick Pony Module



One Trick Pony with module installed



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